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BIA sustained my asylum application and found me eligible for asylum on April 26, 2013 and

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remanded my case back to the IJ who denied my asylum claim to allowed DHS to update identity and do background check. Got a letter from the immigration court to appear for a master hearing in July 10 got a letter from DHS to go do fingerprint, did my fingerprint the next day after I received the fingerprint notice from DHS when to court on the 10 of July IJ ask DHS if identity check has been cleared DHS replied yes everything has been cleared and the IJ give me an oral decision saying asylum GRANTED. Why question is what date will be on my I-94 card that say asylum GRANTED. Is it the date the BIA sustained my asylum appeal and found me eligible for asylum or is it the date the IJ give me an oral decision that say asylum Granted?

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  1. The cased was remanded back to the lower Court. The grant of asylum will most likely be the date the Judged signed the Order.

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  2. I agree with my colleague. BIA remanded which gave the IJ authority to deny your claim. So, at that point asylum was not granted. You will receive a written Order as a result of the July 10th hearing which will be dated. I would not rely on an oral decision for the date.

  3. I agree with my colleague above. It will most likely be the date when judge signed.

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