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Best Practice in Minimizing Legal cost ahead of Time

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Any client has to determine how to move forward with the case.

Unless it is a contingency basis, the potential cost has a bearing on that decision.

Sometimes there are new facts, unknown facts or issues that can skew an estimate. But sometimes the lawyer is just trying to make money by shuffling papers.

Are there any ways that clients can create some checks and balances to prevent excessive back and forth.

Is it a good practice to hire one lawyer to check on what another lawyer is proceeding? Or is that too much of a cost? Are there other ways?

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    If you have to hire a lawyer to watch your lawyer, you are paying twice when maybe you shouldn't be paying once. When you interview a new lawyer, pay attention to who does more of the talking, you or the lawyer. Listen to how many times the lawyer uses the first person pronouns in conversation. Generally it's the lawyers who are more interested in themselves than in you who bill without regard to whether they are creating value for you. Lawyers who are client centered always keep in mind whether the client can or should pay for what they are doing. Lawyers who are self centered look to their own interests before the clients'.

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  2. You may hire one attorney to work with another attorney.
    You may request the method of communication you desire.
    Also, it is usually quite clear which lawyer you may trust, in my experience

  3. If you are talking about minimizing costs this does not appear to be a plan that would help you do so. Interview attorneys and conduct research to find out who you are comfortable with ahead of time.

  4. It sounds like you need to find a flat-fee attorney. A flat-fee attorney charges one set amount for a particular type of case. For the majority of issues that an individual would need an attorney, there are attorneys out there that offer representation for a flat fee. Unless you are a business entity, or have some other complex legal situation, this should satisfy your legal and financial needs.

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