Besides hiring a lawyer, what do you do to prepare before notifying the spouse of filing for divorce.

What things should one get in order before serving notice or telling a spouse of the intent to file for divorce and custody of children?

Dallas, TX -

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Thomas E. Trahan

Thomas E. Trahan

Personal Injury Lawyer - Frisco, TX

Familiarize yourself with the rules of divorce. Dallas County District Clerk's website has a downloadable copy of the local orders that will apply as soon as the divorce is filed. Make copies of all important papers and secure all valuable property so that it cannot be removed. Be sure your health insurance is protected and valid. Prepare a plan for letting friends and family know. Prepare a backup at work - divorce is disruptive to efficiency. Finally, think about counseling to avoid it all together if possible. Good luck, and do hire an experienced family lawyer.

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