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Being disabled on wheelchair, what benefits do I get from the government if my Asylum application is approved?

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Being disabled on wheelchair, what benefits do I get from the government if my Asylum application is approved?

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Being in a wheelchair does not necessarily make you disabled. If you are disabled and have an income that is low enough to qualify you would be eligible for SSI. If you have paid into the system either in the US or in one of the many countries where we have recipricol agreements you might be eligible for SSDI. Go see a Social ecurity attorney once your asylum has been approved. Since Social Security involves federal law it might be even better to find a law firm that does both Immigration and Social Security. That way you can get a feel for the firm in the one action and , if acceptible, have them do the other also.

Finding a lawyer is not that hard. You can search for a Social Security attorney on this site. Just click on the Find A Lawyer tab, put Social Security as your search term and enter the name of your city.

Look through the attorneys to make your choice. You may want to see what questions they answered (at the bottom of each profile) so that you can get a feel for one you would feel most comfortable in dealing with. Attorneys are people and come in all styles. The way they answer questions can give you a peek into the way they will likely deal with you. Those with the short curt answers will likely be the same with you. Those that take time to speak to you in language you can connect with, will likely connect with you the best.


I will try to repost under State Law Questions so you get more people to see the answer - and maybe get some better ideas of other resources.

Good luck to you.

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There are so many, with so many different rules it really is hard to say which you will be eligible for based on your short posting.

Apply at your local California Health and Human Services Agency and California Health Care Services offices.

A small sample includes:

Supplemental Security Income & State Supplemental Payment (SSI/SSP).

Some immigrants in California who are not eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may be able to receive cash assistance under the CAPI program. The program is available to many low-income immigrant seniors and immigrants with disabilities in California.

Benefits for Immigrant Victims of Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Other Serious Crimes in California (California Immigrant Policy Center, PDF)

California SB 1569 provides state and local benefits to immigrant survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and other serious crimes under the same rules that apply to refugees.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or CalFresh

California Food Assistance Program (CFAP)

Full Scope Medi-Cal

General Assistance


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