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Being charged with forgery 2 for Internet scam

Tuscaloosa, AL |

I am being charged with forgery 2 and gave my first court date- arraignment , on feb 5. I received a check in the mail for a job I had gotten over the Internet with specific instructions to cash the check take out my weekly pay and send the rest to a supplier for merchandise- the check was returned to my bank as fraudulent and because I endorsed the check I'm being charged with forgery. This is my first offense and I'm 22. I'm so worried I'm going to jail for a long long time for something I didn't do.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You are the victim of a very common scam that preys on the greed of gullible people like you. A good attorney might be able to do a little research and try to convince the DA to drop or divert charges. So go hire an attorney.

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