Behavior discipline by academic institution and unfair treatment

Asked about 2 years ago - Santa Clarita, CA

I have an issue with my academic institution where there were some accusations made against me by a professional in my field of study. She wrote to the school that I had behaved unprofessionall and viewed some emails i sent as stalking. The school sought action against me, by giving me an ultimatum saying, do these 4 things and you can be reconsidered back in the program, otherwise you will be held in suspension. According to the policy, it stated that there was supposed to be a 'hearing' conducted in to defend myself in front of some board members. However, when I was told by one of the program directors, she simply asked if I was available for a 'meeting' and basically did not tell me the nature of what it was. I feel i was never given a fair chance to defend my case. Any options?

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  1. Christine C McCall


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    Answered . Your post is unclear in some critical details.Were you dismissed from the school program? Suspended? When and as a consequence of what process? Readmission is a separate issue, usually involving different issues and procedural rights, from dismissal or other discipline. You have a right to challenge proposed or imposed discipline by a hearing or other process that affords you minimal due process -- essentially the opportunity to critique the evidence against you and to present opposing and rebuttal evidence. It is not clear based on this post whether you have had that opportunity, waived it, or if it is still pending.

    In all events, the consequences of dismissal can be very far-ranging and persist for years: tuition forfeitures, transcripts frozen, ineligibility for admission to other schools and programs, and even denial of opportunities for post-education employment and State licensing and credentialing. I strongly recommend that you retain an attorney who practices administrative law and ascertain your rights and options in the current circumstances.

    If you cannot determine your school's procedures for appeal of proposed discipline, email me and I will send you the link. I have a bank containing most California institutions' admin appeals policies.

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