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Becoming a USA citizen when married to an USA Citizen.

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Hello, I came here to the USA on Dicember 10th 2010, and I was given a 2-years- green card, but I already received the 10 year green card on February 3 of this year, so two years have passed since I got here, my question is, when can I can apply for citizenship if I came here by marriage? I was said that I could apply for Citizenship three years after I have my green card, but which one? the first green card with the two year or the new one with the 10 years. thanks.

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    So long as you and your spouse are living together in marital union, you can apply three years from the date your initial conditional residence was granted (this date will be reflected on your current card), less 90 days.

    Be aware that any prior issues, even minor, that might impact your good moral character can be considered--failure to pay child support, prior inaccurate statements to immigration, contact with law enfacement, etc... If you have any issues or concerns, check with an immigration attorney BEFORE filing. A person who does not qualify risks not only denial, but in some cases, may be referred to an immigration court for removal proceedings.

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  3. Your conditional residence started the clock. You can apply after three years if you have continuously lived in marital union.

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