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Battery misd. A Dismissed on Prosecutor's Motion and plead guilty to disorderly conduct. wait how long to get sealed or expunged

Milwaukee, WI |

i want to know how long i have to wait and how i would go about getting this sealed because even though the charges were dismissed they still show up on CCAP

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The time to be asking whether you could have expunction was before you were sentenced. The way the law is written, your chances of successful expunction are much greater if the judge states expunction is allowed at sentencing.

If the court allowed for expunction at sentencing, expunction may happen automatically, or you may have to fill out some forms to request expunction. It depends on the court. A petition to expunge may be found on this page:

If you are going to bring a motion to expunge and the court did not allow for expunction at sentencing, you should have an attorney on your side. When to bring an expunction motion depends on whether you are ready (i.e., in the best possible position to ask for expunction); and whether you are ready depends on a number of facts and circumstances that cannot be addressed on a limited forum like Avvo.

Contact local, experienced criminal defense attorneys for more specific information.

Good luck!

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Michael C. Witt

Michael C. Witt


Furthermore, even if you get the D/C conviction expunged, the dismissal may still show up on CCAP absent some independent basis to seal those records.



My main concern is about the battery that was dismissed and if this can be held against me when I try to find a job.

Michael C. Witt

Michael C. Witt


Under WI law, a dismissed charge shouldn't be held against you; convictions shouldn't be held against you either unless the nature of the offense relates somehow to your suitability for the job you are seeking. However, the Republican legislature continues to make efforts to weaken or remove those protections. As a practical matter, while no employer is likely to admit it, if the choice comes down to you and and equally qualified candidate with no arrest record, they may choose your competition, and are not required to give any explanation for that choice.



Thank you for the info!

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