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If a house has been disposed of in some bankruptcy case, can I assume that all claims and liens on that house have be cleared?

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    Answered . Every case is unique, depending upon the facts of the situation and how they've been handled.

    Some liens are "discharged" when the house is foreclosed upon, other liens are not. Some remaining liens can be discharged in bankruptcy and others may not be. Some houses have exemptions and others may have larger exemptions (or none).

    It all depends.

    You can look at the case docket online at PACER:

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    Answered . As a general rule, liens against a debtor's property (real or personal) survive a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly clear what you're asking. You may want to pose another question with a lot more detail.

    Good luck!


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    Answered . You can assume that, but you definitely should not.

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    Answered . No, I would NOT make that assumption. The best way to determine whether title is clear or impair is to go down to the appropriate Land Records Office (in Massachusetts, we call it the County Registry of Deeds) and look at the title based upon it's last owner or address. Better yet, many real estate attorneys will employ a title searcher at the land records office to prepare an "Abstract of Title" showing what liens, encumbrances and other municipal charges remain on the title to the real estate and which, if any have been discharged. I would recommend contacting a local real estate lawyer and have his title searcher conduct a "title search" and have a report prepared for you! If your interested in purchasing the property, you may be able to get a title insurance policy to make sure that the title you purchase is insured from all possible liens and impairments.

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    Answered . NO!

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