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Bank account has been levied. Can we get the money back?

Palmdale, CA |
Filed under: Child support arrears

My brother has a court ordered schedule payment program for child support arrears. He is current on his payment however, child support services has levied his account completely wiping him out and putting him into a negative. He has already spoken to the officer handling his case and she instructed him on how to put together a “hardship package”. We did this and turned it in already. At this point they have no updates on the situation. Is there a way to get his money back? He was saving up to negotiate a settlement with them so he can start moving on with his life.

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  1. He was current on his payment but they levied his account anyway? Are you saying they made a mistake? Or, is there a valid legal reason they levied his account that you disagree with? That makes a huge difference. You need to provide more information, including how much money is involved, when the money was taken, etc.

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