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Bad Payroll checks cashed at a Check Cashing store.

Union City, NJ |

I am freaking out! I had saved a few of my paychecks & my bonus check for my vacation then went to a check cashing place & cashed them. When I returned 10 days later I was notified that not one but all of them had been returned. I called the check cashing store & apologized & gave them all the information for my company they wanted including my boss' phone #, explaining that I was just an employee & had no idea. They never contacted me again & about 2 months later I lost my job because my Company just couldn't make it. Now another 3 months have passed & I just got a solicitation letter in the mail from a Defense Attny offering to help defend me against New Bad Check Superior Court charges? Yet, I am unaware of any? How am I responsible? How am I a criminal? I have a perfect record! HELP?

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Under a strict reading of the law, you are liable as the endorser of the check (you signed the back) to the check cashing store. You have a claim against the Company for not honoring is check. You may also have a defense if the check cashing store waited too long to notify you of the bad check. This is a very unforunate occurrence, but you probably can get some free advise from the NJ Dept. of Labor as you have not been paid for work performed.

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