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me and my hsuband have been divorced for 18 years now and he was suppose to pay child support but i never proceeded until now: can I still get back child support or is it to late? all my children are already older and have children of their own. after the divorce I remarried and my husband took the kids in like his own that is why I didn't say nothing until now: Is it too late

Leakey, TX -

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Vicki Elaine Wiley

Vicki Elaine Wiley

Family Law Attorney - Fort Worth, TX

If child support was ordered, then the accounting has been kept by th office of the attorney general. However, Accounts on grown adult children are going to be a much lower priority than those of minor children. And you should consider long & hard what your own motivation is to
want to tie him up legally at this late date, when you no longer have his kids to support.

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