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Babysitting and they have not been paying me as agreed...

Herrin, IL |

I have been babysitting for a family since the beginning of the year. (Freelance, as I am not a day care or a day care provider. I babysit before school, after school, overnight and occasional other times.) I am owed back-pay for January, payment for a returned check two weeks ago, and back pay for last week. The agreement between this family and I was that I would be paid a set amount every week on Friday. This agreement has been broken. It was not in writing but by email. I will now also need to be paid for this week as well, adding to what they owe me in the amount of around $1000. They have bounced two checks to me. Can I turn them in for fraud or deceptive practice if I am not paid what I am owed, which are wages for working for them? They are my "employer" and I am their "employee".

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Quit. Find a new job. Sue in small claims if your like but these people are not reliable and if you count on this income, you need to find another place to work.

  2. We have already answered this. Quit. Sue. In the future don't work for people who don't pay you.

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