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Baby born to minor in KS. I am the parent of the teen father. Who will be able to get custody?

Douglass, KS |

Our son is 16 he and his girlfriend 15 are expecting a baby in July or August of this year. She will be 16 when baby is born and my son will be 17. Who will get residential custody or is there a way to get joint equal time custody.. Her parents are letting us have zero envoulment claiming its there daughters body our son has know say so.

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  1. There are a few different issues addressed in child custody cases in Kansas: legal custody, residency, and parenting time.

    Parents, no matter what their age, have a right to custody rights of their children -- but those specific rights must be determined and enforced through the courts. This is especially true when the parents are not married to each other. Kansas law provides that mothers and fathers have equal parental rights. But how those rights are divided up between the parents (if they are in disagreement) is determined by the court considering the child's "best interests." Every case will vary depending on the facts and circumstances presented, but every parent has the right to involvement with his/her children (unless determined by the court to be a danger to the child).

    You and your son should immediately contact a qualified Kansas family law attorney to provide advice and, perhaps, to file an appropriate action in district court.

    This response does not constitute legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. I am licensed to practice only in Kansas. Seek legal advice from an attorney in your state or the state in which your legal claim exists.

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