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B2 visa holder. Process to extend my legal stay in USA?

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I entered the country with a B2 visitor visa, with the purpose of taking a course related to my Degree. And that was my response when the officer asked the reason of my visit to the US. I was given a stay of 6 months that are due on Feb 8. I would like to do another course in NYU that starts late January. What's the process to extend my stay?

My parents are supporting me and I have credit card and debit card.

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If you have a valid unexpired ten-year visitor visa, then it seems unwise to stay any longer unless you changed your mind and plan to get married to US citizen.

Those who remain in the United States for extended periods of time on B2 visitor visas may find it best not to return for a year or more. Each time a B2 visa holder tries to enter the United States, the CBP can presume immigrant intent.

Those who remain in United States for prolonged periods of time, then leave the United States for a brief periods and then return are more likely to have their B2 visa canceled. Therefore, if you planned to study United States, then do so full time and seek and F-1 student visa.

If this is for a temporary short course, then may be best to consider taking the course over the Internet, rather than in United States. You may also want to look into the possibility of a J1 internship.

If the B2 visa is canceled, then it is unlikely that you will ever get new nonimmigrant visa, again. Use the visitor visa with care. Good luck.

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Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Alexander M. Ivakhnenko





Thats a great idea! Thank you for your help!


Talk to the DSO there.

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Talk to the International student advisor at the school, or consult an immigration attorney in person asap. Details and personal circumstances are important to properly advise you.


You should sit down with a lawyer and discuss the details in order to determine how you can accomplish what you want without jeopardizing your future ability to visit the U.S. on your current visa. As one colleague has already mentioned, speaking to the DSO (Designated School Official) is a good place to start. Good luck to you.
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