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B1 possible after K1 where the US citizen left the paperwork out?

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I am a Norwegian Citizen , female 35 years old with a son of 11. I have been to the US for two weeks Feb, 2008, then for 1, 5 months Summer 2008 and Fall 2008 for 3 months.

I got denied entry to America Jan 2009 because i had one day overstay due to getting denied into Canada Dec, 2008...I had met my at that time, big love and spent some more time than planned in the US. Since then I have not been able to visit. me and my boyfriend applied for the fiancee visa and that has taken a long time, now we are at the end, but he does not want to sign the last document. We had to wait almost a year extra as his mom let us down and did no longer want to sponsor us. Is there any chance at all that I can get a B 1. I am a traveler type...nomadic. very sad due to this ... have friends i want to

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You can always try to apply for the B1/B2 visa at the Oslo consulate. But, for a self-proclaimed "nomad" like yourself, without a fixed address, meaningful employment, still single, etc., etc., it might be hard to prove "substantial ties" to Norway, needed to overcome the "immigrant intent" presumption of INA section 214(b) (Google it), especially so with your past immigration history. Sorry..

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Thanks for reply! That is what I have understood too. I dont want to live in NOrway, havent lived there for 7 years, but been in the UK. He is my true love and I dont want anyone else. he is just scared now. Would it count if I lived in Peru? I am thinking of buying land here and build a house here. What if I waited a couple of years and then applied from Lima? proving my land and project here. Cant live in Norway just for the sake of the visa when its not my truth and wish. I dont want to live in the US now. Just visit friends. I wish they belive so. Not everyone fits in with the box of terms. Like we all have choices in life. I am pretty frustrated I cant go and see my friends. They are part of my spiritual group and I need to go there for initiation. It cant happen anywhere else. Could they write an invite? Thanks so much for reply.



I do work, am a yogateacher and teach both in Norway, during summers and in Peru. Thanks.


Agree, meeting the non-immigrant intent may be a problem.



What If I have ties to another country, just not Norway? please see reply above. I need to go to the US for an initiation in my spiritual group and it has to happen in California. Its very important on my path. Could I get a visa as being part of this spiritual group? What if they wrote an invite for me? Thanks so much for reply.


and the question of course was?

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