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Avvo has quite a few lawyers listed under "dispute and lawsuit" category. Aren't all legal issues involve disputes or lawsuits?

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If you are in complete agreement with the opponents, you don't need a lawyer. They should have the attorney's expertize listed instead (i.e. medical malpractice, personal injury, contract, employment, business, divorce, child support, criminal defense etc) so that people know which area they are specialize in. We got a few emails suggesting "disputes and lawsuit" lawyers, but we have no idea what they are specialized in.

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  1. Many people have legal problems that are best described as "disputes." They may defy easy categorization and may involve several different areas of the law at the same time. At the same time, many lawyers don't "specialize" but handle disputes of all kinds.

  2. No, not all legal matters involve disputes or lawsuits. For example, creating trusts or wills is something that usually requires an attorney but does not involve a dispute. Most attorneys on the AVVO site handle many different types of cases and their profiles will usually include those areas.
    If you are looking for a specific area, use the find a lawyer link and search for that specific type of attorney.

  3. Not all states recognize legal specialities. Mine does not for example. FYI, you're not required to have an attorney even if you completely disagree with the other party. Your assertion that a party does not need an attorney if they're in agreement with the opposing is absolutely wrong-headed--agreement in the issue and fault us only part if the matter. Understanding what the law requires and the downstream consequences are integral to 'getting it right'.

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