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Automated tools child support

Riverside, CA |

Child support contacted me with info I provided however they said automated tools are in place, what are the automated tools?

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  1. Their "automated tools" cover a lot of different areas.
    The Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) is able to do a lot of things administratively that a private attorney either can't do or can't do in the same amount of time.
    When a parent opens a file with DCSS all the information gets sent to the State of California's computer system. That means that any agency operated by California is notified, so that the DCSS doesn't really have to "make" anything happen. Some of those automated procedures are:
    If you are employed they can get the payroll information directly from your employer through the Employment Development Department..
    If you just got hired they can find out where you work from the statewide New Hire Regstry.
    If you get a paycheck they can withhold support and past-due from it.
    If you have a state tax refund coming it can be intercepted through the Franchise Tax Board, and the same goes for a Federal tax refund through the IRS.
    If you have a bank account they can levy against it (even if it's an IRA).
    If you have a driver's license they can suspend it.
    If you have a special license (fish & game, contractor's, etc.) they can suspend it.
    If you have a passport they can make it unable to be used.
    There is also a statewide guideline formula for determining child support, and the one DCSS is called "Guideliner". They use it to calculate the amount of support you should be paying based upon the information either you provide or that they have access to.

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