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August 1st was the day i was ment to be off probation but I dont know if im already done...

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Im on juvenile probation for possession of marijuana. I paid my fines, did my counciling,i did my communitity service and i was in cyber school and finished it. I was told to meet with my probation officer weekly but i havent seen her since the second week of my probation bc. she told me she would come see me or call... but she hasnt. now i have two questions. one is i did my communitity service at a non profit organization by my house so how do i prove that i actually did the hours needed? and what do i need to do to end probation? (my last day was ment to be yesterday)

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    You need to get a letter stating you completed your probation. Call your probation officer to endure you're off probation.

  2. I might also try to get her email to prove you have attempted to contact her. And of course be pleasant, she may be out on leave, or sick for some reason.

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