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Audio recording without consent

Bremerton, WA |
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I work at a bikini espresso stand and one of my co workers told me that they have audio recording devices attached to the security cameras,I was wondering if it is legal to record me and my co workers without consent or any signs of any kind.

I am not comfortable feeling like I am being spyed on by my employers and that they could be using audio information against my employment with them.


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Washington state is a "two party consent" state, but our laws only extend to private conversations and private situations.

Two party consent means that all parties to the conversation know it is being recorded and agree to have it recorded. Under state law (RCW 9.73.030), a person is deemed to have consented to recording a private conversation if they verbally agree after being told or do not voice any objections after being so informed. Another way is to post a written notice that the area is being recorded or place the cameras and microphones in a conspicuous place so it is obvious.

In your question, you are apparently being recorded at your workplace and I would assume you are being paid to be there, so this is not necessarily a private conversation. Employers sometimes have liability and safety reasons for recording their working places and the law will permit them to do so as long as they are not invading someones privacy.

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