Attorneys practicing collaborative law in Twin cities

Asked almost 2 years ago - Saint Paul, MN

Can somebody recommend a good collaborative law attorney in St.Paul, MN?

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    Answered . Might I suggest that you contact the Collaborative Law Institute at

    The proceeding is simply for informational purposes. It does not create an attorney-client relationship.
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    Answered . Hello. It is against the rules of this list to 'name names'. Just so you are aware, there are many other alternatives to cost reduction and peace-making in divorce and other family law matters than that particular private group you mentioned. If you are in need of an attorney for a family law matter such as divorce, I recommend that you make phone calls to attorneys, because an attorney is performing a personal service for you and it is critically important that you feel a sense of great trust with the attorney you select to help you. All the best.

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  3. Answered . I've found that asking attorneys to recommend someone else can quickly provide you some clairty and guidance. You may get the same recommendation from different sources. You can contact most collaborative attorneys from their profiles on the Collaborative Law Institute web site as suggested by one of the earlier attorney responses. Not only could you ask a potential attorney to explain why you should hire them in particular, but ask them, if you chose not to hire them, which of their colleagues would they recommend? You probably know this already, but your spouse also needs to be willing to use the collaborative method. If your spouse has already chosen their attorney, you could ask that attorney for suggestions regarding representation. I know that may sound odd, but collaborative practice is very different than traditional practice. Collaborative attorneys may have experience working really well with some of their colleagues, and not so much with others. It is in your best interests that you and your spouse work with two collaborative attorneys that work well together. Of course, some of the long standing members of the Institute are so seasoned, and highly trained, they work well with anyone! You do not need to fear that, if you get a referral from your spouse's attorney, or if you hire first and your attorney recommends someone to your spouse, that they are "in cahoots." They will always represent your interests, guided by the overall collaborative principals. There are a range of styles within the institute. Some attorneys practice only collaboratively. Others represent clients in collaborative law as well as other settings. It is always wise to interview attorneys before hiring, and many attorneys do that with no charge to you. Good luck with your case - the collaborative method can be an excellent choice and is becoming more and more known to the public as an option.

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