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Attorney ethics and professional responsibility in MD

Hyattsville, MD |
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Are there sanctions or another recourse available for an attorney bringing in 'the race issue' in a meeting with a retail manager in MD, claiming his 'client' (who committed fraud on a credit application) was treated unfairly (in the loan process)due to her race. Interestingly enough, the manager was one of a very low percentile in the geographic area this meeting occurred - everyone else was the same race!

Upon checking the MD. judiciary case search site, this atty has had several instances of being stopped & cited by police, in which he never appears for trial or pays the tickets. (Some are for driving without license, which obviously were a result of his not appearing or satisfying the other violations). Is this something the local bar/association would address? He's maintaining (?) a DC drivers license while having many FTA's in MD. (Like to see him arrested, actually). Our legai stystem is f l a w e d to the point of ridiculous if a 'qualified' p r o f e s s i o n a l with a license issued by a legal entity is permitted to to threaten others with racial discrimination - which is bordering on harrassment, as I see it (for the zip cocde of 20784), in that it takes valuable time to defend or otherwise deflect from what the issues are - and a client who is apparently not worthy of a decent defense!

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  1. The attorney has raised a claim of discrimination. If you didn't discriminate you have nothing to worry about. Neither does he simply because he raised a very important legal issue. What kind of a legal system would we have if attorneys could be sanctioned for making claims?

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