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Attny conflict of interest? claimant's PI attny & Insur co. attny are longtime friends

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

possible both are more interested in looking after the interest of each other before that of the claimant.

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  1. It is not a conflict of interest if the lawyers for opposing parties are friends. It can actually be to the client's advantage if the lawyers have a good relationship. You don't want a good fight- you want a good resolution to your case. There have been situations in my career where I have been able to get better results for my clients because the opposing lawyer and liked and I trusted each other than would have been possible if if we had been enemies. That said, if you feel uncomfortable about their relationship you have a perfect right to change lawyers.

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  2. The fact that the two attorneys handling adverse interests are friends is not a conflict of interest in and of itself. If their relationship troubles you, then it may be wise the change attorneys. However, as Attorney Brophy suggested, their friendship may actually help lead to a fruitful resolution in your case. It is not at all uncommon for attorneys to be friendly with one another.

    This advice should not be construed as forming an attorney-client relationship.

  3. As indicated by the other attorneys there is no conflict of interest and this can be beneficial. Discuss your concerns with the attorney and see if that makes you more comfortable. If not you always have the right to switch attorneys.

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