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At what point do I include a DUI lawyer?

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Last night I was arrested in my own driveway and charged with a DUI (no BAC reading yet due to the fact that the machine was not reading and they drew blood). I can't really guess as to what my bac was but I was definitely not in the extreme arena (I had 3 beers, and was extremely cooperative and coherent with the officers) I was unaware that my license was recently suspended until I attended a TSS class for a previous moving violation. My car was impounded and I was told I would be unable to reclaim for 30 days. My question A) Do I even have a fighting chance of reclaiming my vehicle and getting through this situation without a lawyer? B) I'm on very limited income as a single mother, are there options for payment plans with DUI lawyers? will my case be treated with less regard if so?

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  1. Any one, in my opinion, who is charged with a crime needs an attorney. Go to court as scheduled and ask the court to appoint one.

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  2. There are two parts to a DUI case. One is criminal. In that case, make sure you do not give any statements without an attorney. Appear at the court date and ask the court to appoint an attorney for you. The second part is civil with the MVD. You are not entitled to an attorney but that is important as well.

  3. You need a lawyer anytime you are charged with a DWI. Many lawyers will accept payment plans. My biggest issue with payment plans is consistency. As long as I am getting paid on a regular basis and I'm not the last bill getting paid, I'm willing to work with people.
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  4. I also recommend to individuals charged with DUI to consult with an attorney. Most attorneys offer free consultations, and some even do it over the phone. With regards to payment plans, most attorneys like myself offer payment plans. While I can only speak for myself, clients who are on payment plans are treated the same as clients who are not on payment plans. Honestly, in today's economy, most people hiring attorneys need a payment plan.

  5. Anytime you are arrested for a DUI you need a lawyer. Many courts throughout the state take weeks to have a lawyer appointed on misdemeanors. This is a problem since you have very specific rights regrarding your driver's license that are waived 15 days after the arrest (although it doesn't sound like that in this case). Still though, you have interests in property, your car, your ability to drive, the costs of a DUI in fines, assessments and insurance, and not to mention jail or prison time at stake. Especially given the status of your driver's license at the time of the arrest you need a lawyer immediately and most offer payment plans.

  6. If your license was suspended at the time of this arrest, there is a chance you could be facing felony charges for Aggravated DUI. If that happens, you will be appointed an attorney if you can't afford one, but this attorney may not be someone who specializes in DUI's. The State may choose to send it to a lower court and in that case you will need to hire an attorney.

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