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At this time do I need something in writing to protect my investment for the future?

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In 2005 a friend & I bought a mobile together. My invest. $62000, hers $0. The agreement was that I made the initial investment and over time she would pay the taxes, insurance, remainder of the mortg. and maintain the place to insure good resale. Her investment now almost equals what I invested. When we purchased this place no legal agreement was signed. However at this point an issue of maintenance has come up and the friendship ended. Do I need something in writing to protect my investment from this point forward since I want to end this and return to TX? The place will go on the market for sale before I leave, or should I stay here until it is sold to insure that I receive my half of the selling price?

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You are paying the price of aggravation over this, and I'm sure it has cost you so much more than the $100 or so it would have cost you to create a "legal agreement" in 2005. Don't make the same mistake again. This is not a do-it-yourself problem with a do-it-yourself solution. Do what you should have done in 2005. Go see a lawyer. Yesterday.

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Have you discussed any of the issues with your former friend? The more that you can agree upon, the less time will be required to create a written agreement. Whose name is on the deed, one or both? You will need a lawyer before you are done. Choose wisely.

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