At at plea accepted hearing, will that be the end of my case? will i be able to go home to ny from florida. i will pay fines.

Asked 11 months ago - Nokomis, FL

i was charged with 2 felonies. theft of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance.. i took pills from my girlfriends mother and she called the cops on me.. the DA agreed to allow me to plead guilty to misdermenors and pay court fees and court fines. will that be the end of my case when i plead guility to such? can i go home to ny right away?

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  1. Brenda A Drake


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    Answered . So long as you are not on probation, I would imagine that this would, in fact, be the end of the case and you would be free to go about your business. Given the charges you faced, I'm sure you must have been appointed an attorney if you did not hire one on your own. Be sure to address these questions to him/her at your court date, if not before.

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  2. Anthony Gerald Ryan


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    Answered . You should know the answers to these questions prior to entering into a plea agreement. If you have an attorney, and if plea negotiations have taken place as you describe - you must, then you should discuss this with him or her.

    If all you are not getting put on probation, then your case will be closed as soon as the judge accepts your plea and you are sentenced. Then you will be free to go wherever you want without restriction. However, if you are put on probation then you must first get permission to go back to New Your from either the judge or probation or both. It is best to address this prior to or at the same time as your plea hearing to get everything on the record. Talk to your attorney about it before court. If you don't have an attorney, get one immediately. Good luck.

  3. Majid Vasigh


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    Answered . if it's just court fees and fines and no probation, then yes, you go home.

  4. Christopher Daniel Leroi

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    Answered . You should have an attorney and you should be asking your attorney these questions. It depends on the judge. Some judges want for you to be put on probation and would order for your to get a pre sentence investigation report prior to sentencing. It does not sound like the DA is requesting that. However, the judge ultimately decides.

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