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Assistance with filing a claim to City attorney's office

Denver, CO |

I am unable to find an attorney who wants to take my case, because the damages are relatively small money-wise...although many have said/agreed I do have a case. I was referred by an attorney to file a claim against the city.

I recall that the attorney I did a consultation with, offered to sort of 'help me along the way' and help file the appropriate documents. 1 is in small claims court, and the other is with the city (for 2 separate responsible parties).

I'm just trying to figure out what are the next steps after I file the claim? However, I understand I have 182 days from the date of incident to file. I am still within that window, but I want to get started right away. But, I'm just like, how can I do this if an attorney won't take it? Or do I just wait and see what the city offers?

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Unfortunately, you have not posted enough information to give you any guidance about how to process your claims.


You need to sit down with an attorney to fully explain your concerns and guide your through the process.

The information provided in this answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not considered to be legal advice.


The clock is ticking on your claim . . . .

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