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Assignment as Independent Executor being challenged. What do I do?

North Chicago, IL |

I am executor of my father's will and have petitioned the court to assign me as Independent Executor. I have 4 siblings. 3 of them are contesting stating that they are entitled to a "monthly" accounting of estate matters. I am accused of "skimming" from the very small estate account. I am prepared to comply with the standard court-required annual accounting. I am NOT in favor of a monthly accounting. Where do I stand and what are my chances of the court's ruling in my favor?

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You should not be trying to handle a Probate action without being represented by an Attorney. First of all if it really is a very small estate, you may not have had to even Probate it, which the Attorney would have advised you. Also, understand that as an executor you are a fiduciary, owing a very high duty to the estate and the heirs. That means you could be personally liable for any errors you make in complying with the provisions of the probate act, even if the errors were innocent. As pointed out to you, the Court will probably convert the matter to a supervised estate, which will require you to get the Court's permission before taking many actions. This means you will be spending a lot more time on the matter. I suggest that you hire a Probate Attorney immediately, and see if he or she can reach an accomodation with the 3 siblings. This would save both time and money.

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Thank you for your detailed answer. Very helpful. FYI: My attorney had advised to petition as my father had failed to fully itemize assets of the estate. The will has been complied with meticulously. All that remains is a house of low value and a modest trust account being used to maintain the house. Sale is restricted for need of minor building code updates. This is being attended to. The contestants are anxious, pressing for the remnant of their distributions and, accusing that i am delaying the process. Based on your comments I feel I have done the right things. I will continue to proceed as my attorney advises. Again, many thanks for taking time to respond. Very much appreciated.


If there is a question about your actions as executor, you will probably be ordered to furnish accountings. Get a good probate lawyer and stop trying to do this yourself.


Your story does sound interesting. A court is unlikely to order monthly accountings but they will likely order an accounting now. Additionally the court will likely convert the estate to supervised.

Lastly, the judge will likely highly recommend that you hire an attorney to handle the estate.

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Thank you. I have a lawyer working with me now and we are awaiting response from the contestants. I'll learn what form the accounting needs to be presented in and will proceed as directed. Many thanks.

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