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Assault 4, simple assault

Monroe, WA |

A guy "Bob" I dated over a year ago and I both hang out at the same pub some weekends, we live in a small town. When I see Bob; he comes up to me and makes rude comments. I usually walk away and ignore him. I have heard of many false accusations about me as well. Recently, I started dating his friend "Joe" whom I have known for years, and Bob was not happy out it. Bob told Joe not to see me anymore. Then Bob saw Joe and I together and was not happy. Joe asked me to not put my arm around him to not upset Bob. I walked away and Bob came up to me very close in my face and started saying mean things, basically yelling. I reacted and pushed Bob on the chest to get him away from me. Bob then ran outside and called the cops and pressed charges for assault. I have an arraingment Monday, help!

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  1. Please go find your court's Department of Assigned Counsel and get a public defender assigned to your case if you cannot afford private counsel. WA allows the affirmative defense of self-defense. I can't tell on these facts whether that will be a prevailing argument or not, but with all due respect, you need to lawyer up if you are going to have a good chance of prevailing on this matter. Same way you have a dentist fix your teeth, have an attorney attend to criminal charges. Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

  2. It sounds like your case must have happened within the city limits of a jurisdiction like Monroe or another incorporated city. That is the only way you would be going to court so fast in Snohomish County. I assume you are charged with Domestic Violence Assault as you dated "Bob" in the past. Assault IV - DV carries a maximum penalty of a $5000 fine and one year in jail. If you have an arraignment on Monday, the court will take your not guilty plea and set conditions of release, possible including a no-contact order. It is important to try and avoid that order so "Bob" will not have the power to get you arrested again. You should contact a qualified domestic violence defense attorney as soon as possible.

    I have included a link to domestic violence related assault material below.

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