ASC appoinment notice for n400 biometrics

Asked over 1 year ago - Columbus, OH

I had earlier received my n400 biometrics appointment letter. Since I wasnt able to go there on that date, I went and successfully completed my early walk in biometrics. A week later i received a letter saying ASC appointment notice and they have asked me to come on the exact same day as my previous appointment but this time in afternoon. My online status shows that my file has been placed in line to be scheduled for interview. I do not understand what this letter means.

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  1. Giacomo Jacques Behar


    Contributor Level 20


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    Answered . Means the USCIS system does not adjust and update on real time but comically lags behind (think USPS' & even UPS' tracking system, then compare it to FEDEX') .

    I would just ignore it. But if you'll continue to be jittery about it, then go back to the ASC, ask to see a supervisor. Have him confirm system registered you took your bios already.

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  2. Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina

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    Answered . The letter means the federal government is not completely aware of what each of its various "hands" is doing. So long as you have proof that you completed Biometrics, disregard the letter. Good luck at your interview!

    Samuel Ouya Maina, Esq. 415.391.6612 Law Offices of S. Ouya Maina, PC 332 Pine Street,... more
  3. Juan Paolo Pasia Sarmiento

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    Answered . This happens sometimes. if you went there already and the biometrics went through, no need to go to another one. But better call the CIS to be sure. Sometimes the "prints" won't go through (though they would typically tell you on the spot if it didn't, and would let you know to expect another ASC appointment).

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  4. Robert Louis Brown


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    Answered . Everything is proceeding properly. The CIS notices and on line status sometimes do not match.


  5. Tripti Sharad Sharma

    Contributor Level 19


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    Answered . Call customer service and inform that you were already fingerprinted. Better to write a letter and send via certified mail so you can track it.

    This response is general in nature and cannot be construed as legal advice, given that not enough facts are known.... more
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