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As someone hiring people, is it okay for me to discuss offer letters with people who are not in the hiring process?

Glencoe, IL |

I would think it would just be business, but I'd like some assurances before I do, and make sure the hiring process is legal.


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The term "people who are not in the hiring process" seems overbroad. Who are these people?

Business competitors? .
Former employers of prospective hire?
Friends and family of prospective hire?

What is the goal of discussing these offer letters for people not in the hiring process? The discussion itself may have unexpected impact on the hiring process, so I doubt that assurances could be given.

Some companies refrain from giving offer letters at all.

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Obviously, I can't (and no one should) assure you of anything without a personal consultation so all the facts can be ascertained. Generally, though, if you are sharing the info with other employees of the company, even if they are not in the hiring process, there shouldn't be a problem. Of course, if there is any private or medical related information involved, I would be very careful about sharing. Also, as a practical matter, sharing salary or other information could result in loose lips. Probably best to keep the info close to the vest.

If you are concerned, you should contact an employment lawyer. Most of us will provide a free consultation. Best of luck.

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