As self employee subcontractor , doing satellite installations . my subcontracting company shut down can't get my money.

i have been working as self employee subcontractor for Gustech communications LLC , company shut down and my boss want keep my money for 90 days ! is that legal?? he sad i have contract with him and contract says that . and also as contractor he refusing me give 1099 form ! what can i do to get my money without waiting for 90 days ? is that legal to put lean on the client houses where i did job ?? thank you

Bradenton, FL -

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Jean Benoit Roth

Jean Benoit Roth

Employment / Labor Attorney - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

That will depend on what your contract says. You need to consult an attorney. Your problem is that your loss (waiting 90 days) may not be worth the cost of attorney action, but you never know.

Cristine Wasserman Rathe

Cristine Wasserman Rathe

Employment / Labor Attorney - Flint, MI

Since you are a sub contractor, I think all you can do is sue for breach of contract. As for putting liens on houses, I know in Michigan that Contractors can do this, but you should contact a Florida Attorney immediately for a free consult.

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