As I licensed childcare provider, can I videotape my state inspections by the Dept of Human Services?

What are the legalities since my home is a business? What if the DHS rep does not want to be taped? I am legally bound as a licensed childcare provider to allow them in my home. Thank you

Colorado Springs, CO -

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Richard Waldron Bryans Jr.

Richard Waldron Bryans Jr.

Litigation Lawyer - Denver, CO

You need permission from no one to videotape anyone anytime anywhere on or property and in your home. You should make clear that you have cameras for that purpose.

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Adam James O'Rourke

Adam James O'Rourke

Business Attorney - Denver, CO

I agree that you able to videotape the visit to your home. Just make it clear to the inspector that there cameras on during the inspection.

Clifton L Black

Clifton L Black

Criminal Defense Attorney - Colorado Springs, CO

You can post signs indicating that the premises are being video recorded. The sign must be in an obvious place with appropriate sized letters. It would be in your best interest to contact an attorney that will pull any laws for you. I would suggest the other attorneys that have responded as they seem to know the area of law.

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