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As a tenant in the state of Arizona, can the management of the property inforce how much traffic comes to see you?

Glendale, AZ |

the management has said we have ten days to stop the excessive traffic stopping by our apartment or they will have to do something. My lease doesnt state how much traffic can stop by.

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The least favorite response: it depends! The immediate question that comes to mind is: why do you have so much traffic? Do you just have lots of friends, or, are you running a business of some kind out of the rental property in violation of your lease? Regardless, the need to review your lease is critical to providing you with a definitive answer.

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Carol Lynne Zimmerly

Carol Lynne Zimmerly


How long does each visitor stay?


As the previous answer states, you need to have your lease reviewed by an attorney. You may not think the lease covers the amount of traffic you may have but there may be clauses that are not obvious but could be invoked by the management company. An attorney should be able to quickly review the lease and give you an opinion.

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I agree with the other posting attorneys. You need to talk with an attorney with your lease in hand. The amount of traffic to your door may be disturbing the "quiet enjoyment" of other tenants either due to the number of people or the level of noise that they make. The landlord might also be looking at whether the traffic to your door is a health and safety issue. You did not identify how much "traffic" comes to see you, so you will have to review the specific facts with the attorney.

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I have to agree with the other posters and suggest you have an attorney review your lease. There may have been complaints about the amount of "traffic" and in that case, the property management company has a responsibility to other tenants to try to put a stop to it. Usually leases don't have a "traffic" clause but often they do contain clauses that say that you're not allowed to run or manage a business out of the property, that you're not allowed to engage in loud or disruptive behavior, or that you're not allowed to have visitors stay for more than a certain number of days without checking in with the company. A review of the lease will be the best way to find out what you could be accused of violating.

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