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As a party to a civil case do I have a right to review the original deposition transcript before signing it?

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Do I have a right to review the original deposition transcript (not a copy of it) before I sign it? I was told by the deposition court reporter that they are unable to release the original for review? Isn't the original supposed to be provided?

I wanted to add that I was the deponent at the deposition not just a party to the action

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    The court reporter does not have to release the deposition transcript to you, but the court reporter has to allow you to see it if you have not signed it. If there was a stipulation relieving the court reporter of his/her duties then the person who has custody of the original should allow you to see it. Nobody has to release it to your custody. Most reporters (and attorneys when they have the responsibility under a stipulation) provide a copy, then allow the deponent to come to the office to sign the original.

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  2. Yes. If you were the deponent, you not only have the right, but also the obligation, to sign the original transcript.

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  3. The court reporter does not need to release the original to you. The court reporter has an obligation to ensure that the original remains in its custody or in the custody of the party that took your deposition. A court reporter should allow you to come to their office to sign the original of the deposition.