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As a never married, non-custodial parent in Ohio, what are my parental rights, if any?

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I havent seen nor heard from my children or their mother in over 3 years, I still pay child support, and have no idea where they are. What rights do i have as their father, is there anything that i can do to terminate the order as it is obvious that she wants nothing to do with me. I have been rendered homeless in order to keep up with the payments, and multiple efforts to see/call/write to them have gone unanswered. She doesnt want anything from me except my money and Im afraid ill die if i have to live like this much longer, please help me.

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This doesn't make a lot of sense. Your obligation to pay child support is based on your income and mother's income. If your income is less or non-existent, you should apply for a modification to the proper amount. That can be done at the local Child Support Enforcement Agency which issued the order. But so long as you are able, you will have an obligation to pay support for your minor children. Your failure to have a relationship with your children is considered to be your fault since your ability to have parenting time with them would be enforced by the juvenile court or family court which has jurisdiction over them. If mother doesn't cooperate, do it over top of her, with the court's assistance. As to where they are, the Child Support Enforcement Agency surely knows. So if you move to modify your support obligation, you too can find out.

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