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As a minor I was in a car wreck now an adult can I sue?

Lodi, CA |

It happened when I was 14 yrs. Now I am 45 yrs.

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I'm sorry, but the statute of limitations in California is 2 years. Although you were only 14 at the time, you turned 18 over 27 years ago.

The purpose of this is to make sure the evidence is fresh, the injuries for which one is seeking recover are connected to the accident, and to allow the courts to not get tied up with aged disputes.

While I am an attorney, I am not your attorney. You should always speak with your own attorney to gain full and complete legal advice.



My Fresh evidence is a scare right on my belly reminding me every day that i'm scarred for life. i had to have an exploratory emergency surgery. I was a foster child and ward of the state at the time.

Alison Swicker Gokal

Alison Swicker Gokal


I am really sorry, but the statue of limitations (the time to file your law suit) started when you were 18 years old (no longer a ward of the state). Your chance to file your suit expired on your 20th birthday.


I agree with Ms. Gokal.

As you a minor you could have brought a law suit through a guardian ad litem. Additionally, the statute of limitations (normally 2 years for personal injury in CA) was tolled, or delayed, and did not begin until you became a legal adult. (18 years of age).

From the day you turned 18, you had 2 years during which you could have brought a law suit. Your opportunity to bring a law suit expired 25 years ago when you turned 20.


No. Sorry. Nice try though.

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