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As a minor, will a theft that happened over a year ago, be on my background check?

Puyallup, WA |

Over a year ago I accidentally walked out forgetting I had these migraine pills my Mom asked me to grab. I got stopped and brought in, questioned and what not. They took a picture and had me fill out some info. I was so rattled, just about everything but my name was true because I couldn't think straight and was going through a rough time. No police came in, and the man just told me to pay a fee and that I couldn't return to the store. Would this show up on my background check? I have a drug test and background check tomorrow.. Thanks!

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Sounds like there wasn't an official investigation or police so you will be fine. Have a good day.

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Thank you so much!

Patrick Owen Earl

Patrick Owen Earl


You are welcome. If this was "helpful" you can mark it. If it is the "best" answer you can mark that too. Have a great day.


If charges were never filed and you weren't arrested, this will not show up on a background check.

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It sounds like the store dealt with the situation "in-house" (i.e. with a civil penalty and a trespass notice). If law enforcement was never involved, and charges were never filed, it shouldn't show up on your criminal history. That being said, be sure to comply with the trespass notice. If you were to go back into the store you could be charged with Criminal Trespass. If you were to go into the store and commit a crime, it could be charged as a felony (Burglary).

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