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As a mandatory reporter, if I see a bruise and the child tells me their parents hit him with an object, do I have to report it?

Minneapolis, MN |
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I am an elementary teacher in Minnesota. The other day one of my students showed me a small bruise and told me that her mother had hit her with an object. As a mandatory reporter, I was legally obligated to report this to the county, correct? I did report it to the county and the school director found out. She yelled at me about how, if this family is undocumented, I may split a family apart and cause the parents to be deported. She said if I reported something like that again, I should find a new school to work at. My questions are:

-Did I have to report it?
-Can I get fired if I report it again?
-Can this family get deported because I reported it?
-Is my director out of line?

Thank you in advance for any answers/advice you may have.

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Minnesota's Maltreatment of Minors Act (Minnesota Statute 626.556) requires you to report physical abuse, which is defined in the statute in Subdivision 2, Section (g). I encourage you to review the statute, and here is the link. Your duty under the statute is clear, if you suspect physical abuse has occurred, you must report it.

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