As a home seller, to what extent am I obligated to pay for repairs?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Crescent City, CA

I am selling my home in California. It is a cash sale. My agent represents both me and the buyer. In the purchase agreement (which I did not look at as closely as I should have. I trusted my agent) it says I am responsible for all the inspections as well as for all the repairs. Based on the inspections so far, the repairs are already much higher than I expected, and if I have to pay for them, I'd rather not sell the house at all! Is there any way I can cancel the purchase agreement?

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    Answered . Ms. Chubaty is correct. Simply trusting someone does not mean that you should legally obligate yourself without having a full understanding of the scope of the obligation. That issue aside, you should contact a local real estate attorney to review the listing agreement and the sale agreement to help you determine the appropriate course of action. Most standard sale agreements would give you the ability to negotiate with the buyer regarding recommended repairs. Be sure to take all of your paperwork with you when you go see a local attorney for assistance.

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  2. Lara O. Chubaty

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    Answered . Trusting or not trusting someone has nothing to do with signing and binding yourself to a legal document. Under the law, you are expected to have understood and assented to the terms of any agreements you sign.

    It is unusual that your purchase agreement makes seller exclusively responsible for inspections and repairs. What you have briefly described here sounds very one sided. Furthermore, default provisions and remedies should ideally be spelled out in the contract. To find out whether you can cancel and what the consequences of doing so would be, I suggest you contact a local attorney experienced in real estate transactions.

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  3. Erik Priedkalns

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    Answered . I agree with the answers given by both attorneys. However, without hearing the full story it is hard to determine what (if any relief) you may have. What exactly were the representations made by the agent when going over the purchase agreement? Were any concessions made by the buyer in return for your concession? While I'm a licensed r.e. broker, it's been a while since I've looked at the purchase agreement, or discussed the r.e. community's customary practice with respect to the making of repairs. From what I recall, everything is negotiable, and the agent's overriding concern is to close the deal as quickly as possible. Bottom line talk to an attorney before you cancel anything.

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