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As a custodial grandparent to a grandchild can we request visitation rights with her 2 two half sister?

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We were awarded custody of one of our grandchildren. She has two half sisters whose father was given custody. For the first 5 weeks we were able to have the girls ever other weekend until his girlfriend sent us a text stating that we had no rights to see the girls unless they allow it. Since that time our granddaughter has only had limited visits with her sisters, on average 2-3 days a month if that.
We regret not asking for a court ordered visitation during the final court hearing when the judge offered it. It's been almost a year now. Is it still possible to go back to court to request court ordered visitation so the sisters can spend time together and expect a favorable ruling?

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Generally, the Judges in Russellville favor awarding sibling visitation. The reason being the relationship formed between siblings typically outlasts that between parent and child. I strongly advise you to hire an attorney to reopen your case and file the necessary paperwork.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Good luck.

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Arkansas does have a statute that allows for petitioning for sibling visitation. I would suggest speaking with a local attorney who is familiar with how the judges in the district typically view these types of cases.

If the other children are in the Russellville are, you can check with Debra Reece ( ), she's in Russellville and is very knowledgeable.

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