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Arrested in NY for warrants out of PA. The waiver for extradition was not signed. What happens now? How long can he be held?

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In PA has warrants for two outstanding cases that he has not showed up for. He was recently arrested in NY due to his warrants out of PA. He refused to sign the extradition paperwork for PA.

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  1. His refusal to waive extradition will only serve to keep him wherever he currently housed in NY. He WILL eventually have transportation provided, with official chaperones, to return him to PA. There are time limitations contained in the legal compact among the states for dealing with these situations. Those limitations are almost always complied with. If the detained person has not only time on his hands but substantial funds as well, then he should engage the services of local counsel in NY to monitor compliance by PA with the law. If not independently wealthy, saving scare resources to defend the charges in PA would make more sense.

  2. Refusal to sign the waiver of extradition was probably not a wise idea. It will not accomplish anything except keeping him in NY longer. The conditions are almost certainly worse because he is considered an out of stater. Hiring counsel to waive extradition and take care of the PA case is probably the best idea.

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  3. My colleagues have it right and their advice should be followed.