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Arrested for probation violation after car accident and I have injuries how do i get treated while in jail

Raleigh, NC |

In wake county jail, for probation violation from 2009, i am injured from car accident and cannot get any care or exam in jail. what can I do

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Any jail will have a nurse available. If you have injuries then bring them to the attention of the CO and they can get you set up for sick call or the equivalent. Unfortunately the jail is unlikely to treat anything that is not routine and is not life threatening, so beyond the nurse I don't think there is much that you can do. I would say that your lawyer might be able to use your injuries as a rationale for the state to let you out of jail. In my experience jails hate sick inmates because they are expensive....

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Dealing with the medical staff in county jail can be a frustrating and fruitless experience. Your best course of action may be to try to get a bond reduction so that you could get out of jail and seek your own medical treatment. You typically have to wait until your court date to ask a judge for a bond reduction, but if there is a good reason to get the reduction earlier, an attorney can bring your case to a judge ahead of time and seek a reduction. Depending on the circumstances, the prosecutor's office may even consent to a reduction.

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I especially agree with Mr. Blau's comment regarding frustration and county jail medical staff. You will have to attack the situation. Maybe a habeas corpus petition.

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