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Arrest warrant

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I was convicted of 1st DUI back in January. I went to court and plead guilty, I had to pay bail, dui program and 2 days work alternative program (substitute jail time). I enrolled in dui and attend regularly, payed my bail, and kept trying to get an appointment for the work alternative program. Everytime I called work altv. Prog. Office said they dont have paperwork pass 4 months I kept calling and no paperwork yet, today I called and they told me that I have an arrest warrant for failure to set appointment with WAP. Im going to court tomorrow to ask what can be done since its not my fault I tried! are they going to arrest me on the spot? What will happen to me? Im not trying to run from the responsibility but they made it hard and I get the blame.

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I suggest bringing proof of your payments and enrollment in the classes. If you called the work alternative program with your cell phone, bring a copy of your bill showing the outbound calls to that number. If you have such documentation, it is doubtful that you will be taken into custody. Also, if you had an attorney, give them a call as well. If not, having one to speak for you will help. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen

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I would suggest hiring a lawyer. The judges can understand a mistake being made or a bureaucratic mess up. However, you don't know for sure what the alternative program actually told the court. Things could get very messy, very fast. If it does go sideways, you will need someone who knows the law and can think on their feet.

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Your best bet is to hire an attorney to handle this matter for you. Judges are often not sympathetic to persons who attempt to represent themselves. Good luck.

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Most likely you will get a new compliance date

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