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Arested in walmart with over 500, i banded myself ($1000)

Dallas, TX |

Its class A and scheduled for court hearing on 07/10/13, never been arested before, is there any chance to dismis it
Thanks for your help

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There's always a chance. You need to hire a lawyer and have him or her evaluate the case.

If you are a first offender, and they will not dismiss the case, you may be able to secure a Pre-Trial Diversion or a deferred adjudication on a class c misdemeanor which could eventually lead to dismissal and expunction.

You need to hire a lawyer to help you navigate this case. You want to keep a theft off your record if possible.

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Talk to a criminal attorney in your area. After hearing your detailed facts and circumstances, they will be able to properly advise you on what to do.

Responding to questions on AVVO does not establish an attorney-client relationship between the questioner and any attorney associated with Garrett Law Group, PLC. Responses should be considered and used for informational purposes only. Every case is unique in its facts, and all legal matters should be discussed with a licensed attorney prior to making any decisions or taking any actions.


There's always a chance. Dallas won't let you represent yourself so you'll have to hire an attorney. It sounds like you may qualify for a memo agreement, which results in a dismissal. Just start calling attorneys to find out about fees and payment plans. Most of us offer free consultations.

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Sometimes, theft cases are hard to prove. It depends on the facts of your case and the evidence against you. Sometimes, law enforcement misses surveillance video and witnesses. You should contact a lawyer to help you fight this so that you do not tarnish your record.

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I had this addiction when i was young, i was bitting very hard, got burned in my hand , bitting very hard with belt , my familly did not knew that im not doing it by purpos after that they took to several couseling, religious thinks and it tooks me 2 years to quit now im 39 old and it started again and at the first one i ve got arrested ..... After the band im back to the couseling again after more then 20 years



I never plained to take anything it comes to me as challenging so i had to do it .... Believe i cant live home now

Nicole Elizabeth Knox

Nicole Elizabeth Knox


Feel free to contact me through my website if you have a specific

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