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Are there reciprocal agreements for misdemeanor criminal offenses between Florida State and Washington State?

Fernandina Beach, FL |

Specifically can misdemeanor cases, criminal not DUI from Florida be transferred to Washington or vice-versa?

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Transferred, meaning, would it show up on your record?

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If you're referring to having your probation transferred from state to state, I believe the answer is no. Pursuant to the Interstate Compact that governs courtesy supervision of those sentenced to probation, it is the general policy of most states that you must be on felony probation in order for them to consider accepting your supervision. Even then, there are certain circumstances wherein they can refuse to accept the transfer. I recommend you look into this further with the lawyer that resolved your case. You may have other options available to you, such as mail-in, phone-in or administrative probation that could facilitate your intent.

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I agree with Mr. Ladan. I would only add that if it is not probation but rather, handling the underlying matter, then you can not transfer the case to another state.

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Probation can theoretically be completed while out of state. If misdemeanor probation in Florida, your attorney can ask for a simple mail-in probation terms from the court which I've never had a hard time having approved.

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