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Are there divorce attorneys that will work for payments? Mine is simple, just need a break, with a payment plans please help.?

Humble, TX |

I have lived in Tx for 6 months, she still lives in NJ we both agree to uncontested divorce, but we can not communicate other than that. CS order is in place and I pay it every week. She refuses to allow any phone calls or visitation. There is no reason other than SHE says so, I am not a drug addict, pedophile nor have I been in jail for any reason. I would like a modification (if needed) to allow for phone calls at least 3 times a week so my children KNOW that I LOVE THEM and visitation in the summers....I am asking for nothing else.. I need an atty that has a heart and will take payments to help this come to pass before my children think that I dont love them because they have not heard from me....PLEASE, PLEASE someone help me.

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If the State of New Jersey has jurisdiction over your children (meaning your child support/custody order was rendered in New Jersey), you should consult with a lawyer in New Jersey. It seems that you need to have the attorney review that order and file a Motion to Enforce the Order or Modify it.

The information provided is not advice but a legal perspective and you should schedule a consultation with the lawyer of your choice.


With regard to an attorney accepting payments, this decision is made on a case-by-case basis by each attorney. So give them a call. An attorney will probably want a retainer deposit and may accept payments from you in accordance with a payment plan. I do this on a regular basis with clients who are in need and who cannot collect against his or her spouse.


You'll have to call around to see if an attorney will take a payment plan. I take payments but I require a certain amount upfront before I file the divorce then the account needs paid in full prior to finalizing.


You would need to file the modification in New Jersey if that is where the children live. You can file for divorce in Houston but you would not be able to address any of the children issues.

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