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Are there any guidelines for websites like to follow when reposting public information?

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I was arrested on Jan 19 2010 in dekalb county I got out in April of 2010 and the case was closed in october of 2010 with the charges against me not even being presented to a grand jury. did not repost my booking photo until January 7th 2012.

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The are a private business, albeit with a disgusting business model. You can search out many answers here on AVVO related to them. You can ask them to take down, pay them to take down, or ask an attorney to state the facts as you have above and write them a take-down request. If what they have posted is false, your attorney can advise to as to possible actions.

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There are very few guidlines in this scenario. Free and public means free and public. Arrest records of public records and anyone can look them up, mugshots is just making it easy for the public to earn money. Otherwise, follow Barry's advice.

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Class Action Against Mugshot Websites Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) Exceeds authorized access, and obtains information from a protected computer (18 USC § 1030). Transfers (screen scraping), possesses and uses (website), a means of identification (mugshots), (18 USC § 1028A). Converts public records to his use (18 USC § 641). National Information Infrastructure Protection Act : Transmits advantages to foreign nations. Criminally infringes name and likeness copyrights for the purpose of commercial advantage (website) and private financial gain (18 USC § 2319 and 17 USC § 506). Governmental Prima Facie Evidence of name and likeness copyright: State Certified Birth Certificate, State Driver’s License, US Passport and other government documents and records “created” to identify and validate name and likeness. Holds to involuntary servitude by electronic means (18 USC § 1584). Stalks, harasses, intimidates and causes substantial emotional distress (18 USC § 2261A). Internet Spyware (I-SPY) Prevention Act : Intentionally obtains and transmits to another person information with the intent to defraud (unpublish/repair reputation). Transmits communication interstate with the intent to “injure reputation” to extort (unpublish/repair reputation), (18 USC § 875). As consideration for not informing demands money (unpublish/repair reputation), (18 USC § 873). Interstate collection of an unlawful debt (unpublish/repair reputation), (18 USC § 1962). A person(s) who receives, possesses, conceals, or disposes of any blackmail (unpublish/repair reputation) money (18 USC § 880). Search engines, hosting , reputation repair and consumer complaint companies aids and abets (18 USC § 2), conceals felony (18 USC § 4).

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