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Are there any groups that help protect white men in the work place?

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It seems that almost every group of ethnicity has some sort of protection except white men being discriminated against in their workplace, is there any group that helps us out? To protect our rights in the workplace?

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The EEOC and the Florida Human Rights Commission enforce anti-discrimination laws. Those laws apply equally to white people and to men. If you can show that you are being discriminated against BECAUSE you are white, then the law protects you from that type of discrimination. Similarly, if you can show that you are being discriminated against BECAUSE you are male, then you can seek a remedy under the law. If you just have a vague complaint that white men in general are getting a raw deal, that is not something the law addresses.

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Florida and federal law prohibit workplace discrimination on the basis of race or ethnicity. There is no list of races or ethnicities that are "protected" while other groups are left out. If a person is discriminated against in the workplace BECAUSE they are white or caucasian, then that would be illegal and therefore subject to legal remedy. Of course there are remedies for gender discrimination as well, including against males.

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Depending on where you work, you might have access to protection by a union (not because you are white, but because you are dues paying member of the union), some kind of oversight board, or certain provisions through your human resources department.

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