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Are there any divorce lawyers in Worcester County, MA that work on a pro-bono or budget plan?

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My daughter is in need of a lawyer. The one she had withdrew from the case. He misrepresented her on a number of issues. It is complicated. Coming up with another retainer fee is difficult. Can anyone help? Or can you advise as to where she could get financial help?

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You may want to search for an attorney on the following website Hopefully you can find representation at little or no cost. After you have sorted through this legal issue, you may want to consult an attorney for any possible legal malpractice claims against the attorney that withdrew or you may want to file a complaint with the Board of Bar Overseers. Best of luck.

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Attorney Kremer offers good advice and I agree with her. If the link she provides does not include the Massachusetts Justice Project (which is loosely affiliated with Community Legal Aid in Worcester) you might also want to try them. I believe that they administer the county's Volunteer Lawyers Project. Also, I believe the Worcester County Bar Association has a reduced fee panel that you investigate). Good luck.
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There are a number of organizations and lawyers who will offer legal representation at a reduced fee. Another option from what my colleagues have already suggested is the Massachusetts Bar Lawyer Referral Service ( or MetroWest Legal Services ( You can also look for a lawyer who offers Limited Assistance Representation, which will help keep the cost of representation low. Limited Assistance Representation means that the lawyer will help with a portion of the case, but not everything. The parameters of of the representation can be set by the lawyer and client. Good luck.

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The first question I would want answered is where - in the process - is this divorce? Has there been a pre-trial conference? Does it appear that the parties will be able to reach an agreement, or is a trial more likely? Many attorneys can work on a budget, and do not require a large retainer amount.

I wish your daughter luck!

Anthony Rao, Esq.

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Getting quality legal services to low-middle and middle income families is difficult. You should try the Massachusetts Bar Association and the National Lawyers Guild, each of which has a reduced-fee panel of lawyers. You can also go the Limited Assistance Representation web site for lawyers who offer that service.

When I became a solo practitioner, part of the reason I wanted to hang out my own shingle was to extend high quality family law legal services to families which normally could not afford it. I offer various payment accommodations, depending on the specific circumstances of the case and the client, including sliding scale fees, periodic payments instead of large lump sum retainers, fixed fees, bartering of goods or services, and Limited Assistance Representation (which allows 'unbundling' of services, e.g. helping write complaints and memos, helping with discovery, and/or appearing for single court dates without an ongoing commitment). Not everyone qualifies or is necessarily a good fit; I'm still making a living over here. But some clients have been very pleased with these accommodations to their financial situation. You should ask any attorney you consult with what flexibility they may have in terms of their payment arrangements.

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